Ultrasound Facelift

The Ultrasound Facelift, as the way it is named, is using sound waves to penatrate the facail skin and locate the specific layer of skin where the collagen are tightened by the sound wave. There is no surgery required for this procedure and patients can see immdeiate results right after the treatment.

This non surgical face lift is able to effectively remove small wringkles and tighten loose skins form upper to lower face.
Ultrasound face lift uses sound waves to tighten, lift, build and stimulate the body to produce collagen. This is done through penetrating energy through the skin surface creating small heat pockets that starts the body’s healing process. 4,000 small pockets of energy are placed by the doctor and then the process of tightening the skin begins, the impact of this procedure becomes apparent after two to three months and lasts for five to ten years.

If the procedure is being done on a single area it takes fifteen minutes or less but if being done on the whole face it takes forty five to one hour. It has minimal side effects which include, redness and mild pain.